Art & Culture of Japan

Welcome to a whirlwind tour of images, ideas and mini-talks on the art and culture of Japan.

A host of speakers, now on their way to get onto the Reboot’s architectural tour to Japan present you their collection of facts and fascinating images of the Japanese way of life.

Art, food, craft and theatre are presented so we share the enthusiasm in anticipation of our forthcoming visit. Insight into the values that lie behind these facets of the Japanese way, help us understand why everything they do acquires a richness in depth and detail.

Subtle, unspoken, spiritually abundant and steeped in nature is the story of the Japanese culture we all would like to know better.

Come, let’s discover it through mini seminars organised by archxplore on the following topics:

Wabi sabi, Tea Ceremony, Ikebana, Geisha, Ukiyo-e: Chetna Ramachandra
Manga: Sami Uddin
Anime: Archana Maria
Calligraphy: Arunima Shankar
Karate: Naseer Ahmed
Sumo: Ashwin Singh Thakur
Ceramics: Mumtaz Nawal Soofi
Noh theatre, Kabuki, and Bunraku: Hasitha Reddy
Literature: Vedasri Siddamsetty
Haiku and Food: Asghar Ali Khan
Cinema: Gopala Krishna

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