Architecture of Japan

Reclusive, meditative, aggressive, subtle.. the Japanese way of building has always been a subject of enquiry, filled with awe and admiration.

How does this country keep tradition and technology together?
How does the architecture achieve the acknowledgement of various generations of architects, various schools?
How does a country give birth to new ideas and ideologies even as its proponents acknowledge almost always a return to the past?
How does a country where no native architectural origins exist, stand out today as a definitive architectural style?
How is excellence taken to maddening details ?
How does the paradox of neon sign boards, animation, ugly electrical cables, thousands of aluminium and glass boxes and claustrophobic capsules coexist with the ascetic quality of modern and ancient architecture?

Before we step into the country with reboot, archxplore would like to stop for a moment and observe this phenomenon called Japanese architecture.

The seminar on Japanese architecture is being presented by Chetna and Samar Ramachandra.

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