Mandu: Architecture in Transition – 11th Nov 2018

A seminar that takes you through the historical and geographical context that inspired the structures of Mandu, which, in turn, were critical in the story of evolution of architecture in India.

Samar Ramachandra, architect
Historical reference: Asghar Ali Khan, architect
Chetna Ramachandra, Reboot Escorted Tours
The Team of architects and interns at SRA Edu

Mandav Utsav: Ethnic Mela and Musical – September 2018

As part of our endeavour to create awareness, a sense of community, provoke thought, celebrate the cultural diversity of India, we  organised Mandav Utsav – an ethnic mela along with a musical play.

Our events find context through our travel destinations and in this case, our destination was Mandu or Mandav.

The Mela had food from Malwa (dal bati churma, bhuttey ka kees, etc), shopping from Malwa (Maheshwari sarees, linen, namkeen), handmade items by us (compost, painted notebooks, etc) and some games.

It ended with a musical play that took the audience through the history of Mandu. Written, directed, sung, danced and enacted by fellow architects/friends for the sheer joy of sharing and creative expression.

The idea was to create a community event.

The Eye Of Horus – 8th April 2018

A series of mini skits-&-mimes and seminars on the Art and Culture of Ancient Egypt.

Samar Ramachandra and Asghar Ali Khan

Nawal Mumtaz Soofi, Shazeen Khan, Maria Ayman, Pooja Adluru and Tanmoy Naidu

Directorial Team:
Madhusudan M, Asghar Ali Khan and Nawal Mumtaz Soofi

Prasad Bhosekar, Ravi Vemuri, Omar Javeed, Arihant Acharya, Madhuri Acharya, Shivankar Agarwal, Archana Maria, Tanmoy Naidu, Pooja Adluru, Priyanka Vijayakumar, Rajesh Yarlagadda, Naseer Baig, Mounica Dereddy, Vamsidhar Vatsavai, Khundmir Mehdi, Abeer Fatima, Amina Javeed, Vinay Kumar, Pooja Kinikar, Swetha Gautam, Yashasvi Vegad, Divya Gulechha, Aishwarya Dhoot, Nida Ramachandra, Nandita Ramachandra, Madhusudan M, Nawal Mumtaz Soofi, Ch Ramya, Shlok Patha, Asghar Ali Khan

The Story of Egypt

Do join us for a narrative seminar that takes you through the trials, successes and stories of an ancient civilization that lasted for 3000 years.

On Sunday, 21st Jan 2018
At, Samar Ramachandra Associates’ Studio

Entry free.

Please confirm your attendance by a message to 9849807677 or email

Back in Time: The Introductory Seminar on Egypt



Welcome to a world gone by through the introductory Seminar on the tour to Egypt. Get an insight into the relevance of the destination, along with the tour details.

Speakers: Samar Ramachandra (Principal Architect, Samar Ramachandra Associates) and Chetna Ramachandra (Principal, Reboot Escorted Tours)
Venue: At Samar Ramachandra Associates’ Studio

Should you be attending, please send your confirmation through a message to 9849807677 or email to