Talks Session II – Understanding its language

In this session we shall come to terms, or try to come to terms, with the terminology/language of money.

What does it mean when someone says “These are your investment vehicles and you need to look at liquidity, risk factors, lock in period and returns before investing” . Hopefully after this session we will know exactly what it means 🙂

Again, this is a casual session, wherein we will discuss these terms among ourselves in layperson’s language in order to reach a better understanding about money.

The best part – there is no fee!

Money Talks Session I – Understanding yourself

Architects and money don’t usually go hand in hand.

Which is precisely why we need to address the various aspects of money – even those that we dislike but must understand.

Through this series we hope to do just that…reach a awareness of how to be happy with what we earn (or don’t earn), how to spend it to make us happy, and how to save it to make us happy! We will bring in experts to talk to us about investments, insurance, etc.

But first, we shall start with a casual talk about money and how we spend it. No experts, no financial planners, just a few architects meeting over tea to discuss what they feel their concerns are about money.

Please feel free to walk in – there is no money involved.

Timings are strict…especially keeping the weather in mind.

The Art House Series: Session I

Archxplore and Daira Centre for Arts & Culture present a series of presentations and workshops aimed at re-iterating the intrinsic relationship between art and architecture, and to not just inform but to sensitize the eye and challenge the mind. The series will open a new perspective to art in exploring architectural realms.

The first session of the series shall be presentations by Atiya Amjad on Introduction to Art and Divya Gulechha on Architecture & Art.

Experts Speak: Manav Parhawk

In our quest to delve into all the arts that affect or express architecture, we are happy to host an event on a subject that is close to many architects’ hearts – photography!

Manav Parhawk, currently based in New Delhi, will be sharing his works, experiences and vision. We shall also go on a photo shoot with him after the talk, so don’t forget to bring your cameras!

About Manav
Manav’s interaction with photography in general and image-making in particular started more as a object of fascination in his very formative years. His vetting as a professional photographer started with his apprenticeship between 2004-2006 with Farrokh Chothia, arguably one of this country’s finest advertising and fashion photographers, based out of Mumbai.

Manav co-authored and photographed for the book “The Modern Architecture of New Delhi”