Experts Speak: Manav Parhawk

In our quest to delve into all the arts that affect or express architecture, we are happy to host an event on a subject that is close to many architects’ hearts – photography!

Manav Parhawk, currently based in New Delhi, will be sharing his works, experiences and vision. We shall also go on a photo shoot with him after the talk, so don’t forget to bring your cameras!

About Manav
Manav’s interaction with photography in general and image-making in particular started more as a object of fascination in his very formative years. His vetting as a professional photographer started with his apprenticeship between 2004-2006 with Farrokh Chothia, arguably one of this country’s finest advertising and fashion photographers, based out of Mumbai.

Manav co-authored and photographed for the book “The Modern Architecture of New Delhi”

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